Goats at Shows (to the tune of Girls on Film ….)

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We’re building up to showing our goats – very low key stuff, probably only the youngstock classes, not the milking ones which are hot competition!

We hope to keep you posted, and if you would like to come along and learn more, or join us on our adventures via the website – please feel free to ask questions and explore this strange new world with us.

We are not scary. Remember, our first two goats were given to us by a very big bloke who was not above decking anyone who mentioned meat value.

On Saturday, at Dorset County, I approached a showing lady in the hope of finding a good stud goat for my remaining six breeding does.

Unfortunately, I must have worn the wrong tee shirt, or something. Either way there was a bad smell under her nose, and she saw fit to dismiss me with a telling off. Her loss, and also, her boy’s loss, because my girl goats are the best!

This has taught me a valuable lesson. Please – if you don’t know a thing, if you’re not sure where to start, if you think you might make a fool of yourself? You know what? Join the club! Oh wait. I can’t say that, I’m obviously not IN the club! Join the fringe. Come and ask. Get stuck in. I don’t know all the answers, and chestnuts is not about standing aloof. Shout out. We can run a goats for beginners day. We can all ask stupid questions together. Let’s do it.

Additional material for my faithful Hedgerow Posse: while posting this, I have discovered a spider the size of a small hamster on my stairs. In line with Holmgren's 10th Principle of Permaculture, 'Use and Value Diversity ' I am leaving him/her there and sloping quietly off to bed. Never say I do not suffer for my beliefs :)
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