After a long winter of deliberation

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it seems the girls will not be going to school.
Try as we might, we cannot see where the money is coming from - we simply can't afford it. People have said 'step out in faith' and to be honest, if we were a few quid short, maybe that would be worth it. But to consider school fees, when sometimes we're pushed to afford shoes? (I'm not trying to be melodramatic here, shoes are unconscionably expensive, you must admit! And we are, like it or not, a low income family!)
Added to which, the three hours daily in the car, I really do not think I could cope with. Not to mention yet more expense, and the carbon footprint!
I feel better that we have considered it fully, discussed it, visited the school, really explored the option.
So we arrive at Candlemas, and according to myth, yesterday's foul weather means that spring is on it's way, and winter is behind us! Hurrah! Onward and upward, home educating, making a home, making a life. And occasionally babbling about it ...
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