Strange Carry On

Today, I applied for a job. No really. I have been either self employed or keeping home for the last 15 years at least, but for a couple of spells of part time teaching (riding).
I'm not sure where I'm going with it - I don't really even expect to get an interview - but I was getting grizzly about how (seemingly) easily a couple of friends had been shortlisted for, and obtained, respectively, new jobs which seemed just perfect for them. I looked in the local paper just to prove to myself that never in a million years would there be a job I could apply for - I need flexible hours, I have school runs to do, I have school holidays to contend with, and a puppy to cart round with me - and there it was. A job which just might fit the bill, requiring some skills I learned long ago, and perhaps even some age and experience. So I was excited, and I applied for it. We'll see.
In the meantime, in talking it over with the family, I was so animated, so convinced that we'd all just have to wake up and smell the coffee and put a bit more va-voom into life, get the chores done, and crack on with saving up for our dream home/farm/life. We came here for a reason. God intended for us to build on what we have here, and job or no job (and no job = no money) we can do it, not in our own strength, but in His.
So today, when the girs were at school and the envelope posted, it struck me that even if I don't get the job, or so much as an interview, that still stands.
I feel like we waste a lot of time. Down time when we just feel tired and pessimistic. Instead of using every minute to further our cause. So it's down to menu plans, frugal tricks and tips, budgeting, and making every penny count, and remaining cheerful and fired up.
What are your top energy tips? I need loads more. I know my sugar cravings cause me problems, and I know I stay up too late.

What other energising tips do you have for me?

In other news, as our church seems to have hit a major bump in the road - and may possibly, just possibly cease to exist quite soon, we are still looking to move. While we are intrigued by the possibility of the anabaptist assembly which meets at West Drayton, the reality is more likely to be, that we accept the 40 minute drive we've been fighting these 8 years, and head for the nearest 'big' (by our standards) evangelical church, which probably means Chippenham.

Those of you who are christians, how far do you consider is feasible to travel to church?


Cat said...

I've been thinking for about a year of taking a course which I could do at home, which would give me Canada-wide certification in accounting. Right now I'm writing, but it often feels like one of those wastes of time.

Same here with the slacking and whatnot. The home renovations are really difficult to deal with. Anytime we've had a major room disassembled it's driven me nuts. Last time, it was the basement. This time, the living room.

Energy: I started exercising twice a day, and keeping track of the calories in what I eat. That ended up being more about making sure I didn't guilt myself into actually not eating enough. Also, making sure I'm getting them from food with nutrients in it. I lost nearly 30 lbs at the time. (I now need to do it again.)

We're looking at a possible hour's drive to church. Likewise, there is one closer, but it may not be a good fit for us. On a slow day, we could make up half the congregation, and it's very easy to become too predominantly involved in an environment like that. We'd just like a place to raise our kids, not a place where people look to Dave for leadership or make a big fuss over our family music or whatever. Though that last seems unavoidable--singing children are apparently a rare commodity these days.

I met an elderly friend in the store the other day, and she was talking up how great things are going in the ex-church. Nod and smile. I finished out the evening visiting with someone who's feeling quite pressured and betrayed by the group there. Some things seem unlikely to change.

Dorothy said...

I hope the job thing works out.

The driving to church thing is such a problem for us. Even our 30 minute drive is putting us off from really engaging with the fellowship there.

We've had to miss some Sundays because of snow, some church meetings because we'd get back to the kids too late, no one ever invites us to meals at their houses etc because we're too far off the Woodstock radar.

My advice is if you can possibly avoid it don't join a church which isn't local. But I know you are struggling and need a good church. It is difficult.

Jo said...

Isn't it amazing how a single action - regardless of the outcome - can just inject a new perspective and determination? It seems like this application has already served its purpose!

Jackie said...

Cat: OH exercise - because I am always plodding up and down the lane/the stairs/ the vegetable garden, I always feel too tired to actually exercise, and yet I know I probably need to, because none of my cheerful drudgery is actually aerobic!
You put the thing about church absolutely right. We want somewhere we can *float* - take part in lots, yes, but not have to suggest it, run it, or finance it!

Dorothy: The drive - our current journey is 20 minutes, and we are often one half of the congregation. Neil and I form one quarter of the membership. It is, not surprisingly, not working. There just isn't anywhere that works for us in our local town, there is a slight possibility which we should investigate in a somewhat nearer, but still small, town, maybe 20, 25 mins in the other direction - but then it's the 40/45 minute slog to Chippenham. The thing is we SO need proper fellowship, proper feeding, and somewhere to nurture our children, I think it's going to become necessary.

Jo: I know, isn't it awesome? Mind you of course, if I actually got the job, I'd have to act on this burst of inspiration, whereas if I don't, it will be the easiest thing to just let it slide away. Again :)

Ellen said...

Jackie, (love the new blog look, btw.) you really hit a nerve with me in this post re: wasting time and being pessimistic. That sums up my life in the last few weeks. And then I wonder why I feel behind and why things are falling thru the cracks, etc. And I deplore exercising. . .

We drive about 20 minutes to church. We used to live closer, but moved a bit farther away several years ago. We drive past many churches to get to ours, but we are "at home" there, and the girls have church friends, which I feel will be so important in the coming years (as well as now, of course), as do I have close Christian women friends. I know people who drive more than half an hour to get to church; yes, it makes it tougher to get to activities and meetings, but once you're there, you feel like you belong and you are growing in Christ. That's crucial.

Best of luck with the job application!


Rachel said...

Hi Jackie!
I love your new blog look - very cheerful.
We travel 20 minutes (30 if the traffic is bad, which it usually isn't)to our church. I wouldn't want it to be any longer than that.

I always get energised trying new things, being interested in other people's lives and having something to look forward to.
Good luck with the job application!

jenny said...

I like the puppy! So cute.
We travel 30 miles to church when we can, unfortunately, the landrover has a problem with the alternator and can't take us far and the othe landie is too small. It takes us an hour, so we usually go when the weather is warmer.

Esther said...

Definitely keeping to a schedule (at the moment I have so very much to cram into day and evening that the schedule needs to be a tight one, but a loose 'framework' works well at other times too) keeps one energised; as well as not sitting down until I know that I've completed all the tasks I need to in the day; and only going on the computer once I've done all I need to do. Getting to bed late is a big energy sapper for me, and I need to work on that. Drinking lots of water is definitely very helpful (and keeps me on my toes with the frequent toilet stops!). And, mostly, ensuring that Bible study is very regular.
When we moved last year, we made the decision to go to a local church, and whislt is may not be absolutely what we would hope for, it is very supportive and we feel it's the place the Lord wants us to be at the moment. My car may not work for much longer, so it was important for me to have somewhere I could walk to if necessary, which we can do in 15-20 mins. We have never before been to a church where we've actually lived in the same locality as most of the folk that go there, so it's quite a novelty to bump into folk we know around town! I will pray that you will know what is the right thing for you all to do.

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