Taking the Plunge

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I have just started my new blog This Little War and am delighted to invite you all to come and have a look, and tell me what you think.
I will be staying on here at HWFD because it's my personal place, where I meet with friends, and talk through all the muddle. TLW is a more public place, where I hope to build a more professional presence online.
Tell me what you think.


Ellen said...

Look at you! The new blog looks great. You might be inspiring me to give "growing my own" a go. It's a bit difficult since we settle elsewhere in the summers. I grew up eating homegrown at my grandparents' farm: i've shucked plenty of corn, shelled my share (and more) of peas, picked all sorts of berries for cobblers and jellies (and to freeze), broken green beans, etc., etc. Perhaps it's like riding a bike?

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