Unfollow Saturday

Today, I unfollowed a blogger.

Not going to name any names but it inspired me to think this - if you have been following and reading someone forever, their views have changed, or yours have, and now they make you feel cross, or depressed or just fed up - do yourself a favour. They don't live in the same street as you, they don't know your mother, they won't drive through a big puddle next to you - they don't even know you.

This person started out being a chatty, happy person with mild mannered opinions and some good tips on this and that.

Of late, the opinions became more strident, and more self righteous. Readers were advised that simple pleasures were signs of laziness and stupidity.  Furthermore, those with a conscience, or an ethical stance were mocked and derided.

Enough is enough. I don't need to be ridiculed or insulted. 'if you don't like what you read,' such people will say 'then stop reading now'

So I thought, I will. If it's not nice and it makes you feel bad. Stop.

In Google Reader, select the blog you are fed up with. At the top, there is a dropdown called Feed Settings, you can just select unsubscribe, and that's it. They can rant to their heart's content. You won't be there.


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