An old friend

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For no particular reason, I looked back a year, and two, and three and more, on this blog, to see what I was doing. I had forgotten how much I used to pour out and share, before I became afraid. Before I new I had enemies. Before ... I'm not sure. Before it all changed. I had clicked on a link in Reader and found myself reading my lovely friend Jo's blog and wondered why I'd missed it for so long.
Something has kind of gone astray.
So without further ado ... I worked, I seem always to work on this darn telephone. I had been up for a promotion, which I did not get. Which reminded me that this is not really My Job. I have better things to do and should be doing them.
Then we baked and cooked and cleaned because grandma and grandpa are coming tomorrow. We shopped and chored and cleaned and cooked.

After flood and frost and snow we had bitter, biting drying wind - it feels like only fire and pestilence is left, and to be honest we could do with a break.

We are ready to lamb and this year we are a daughter-led operation.

We made yoghurt but sadly we ate it all.

I am back. I hope. I missed you all.
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