Soap and Sisterhood!

I'm excited to be setting out on our new journey - one element of which is running simple, friendly workshops to enable women to be at the heart of the home in a truly sufficient way.
When you know how to do simple things, both to survive but also to embellish and enrich your family's experience of these trying times, they somehow don't seem so scary.
My vision is to share the tools, to encourage us all to be working, worshipfully in creation.

My very first ever workshop is to be on September 26th - and it will be a soap making session - plenty to learn and do, something to take home, and plenty of time for fellowship and chatter, over lunch.

Babes in arms and tots will be welcome, provided they are tractable enough to be looked after by a couple of 12/13 year olds in the next room, but soap making is not generally a safe thing for older, more inquisitive children to be around.

If it's a long way for you, we may be able to arrange caravan accommodation for a couple of you, if you 're willing to share.

I have to start somewhere, so the cost of the day will be just £20, and there will be very limited places, maybe around 5.

Please come and join us for this very special first event! email or leave a message to book a place.


Rachel L from NZ said...

Oh, I WISH I could come!

joc4jesus said...

I definitely want to come;book me a place if you have one. I will pay asap. Paypal or cheque.

Lynn said...

Lovely, Jackie. Hope all goes well for you.

Dorothy said...

Oh what fun! How exciting! I'll be praying for your workshops, Jackie.

Rachel L from NZ said...

Hi again, Jackie,
Just letting you know I did a post about your giveaway with a link. I hope I did it right!

By-the-way, if you really want to move over here (hint hint), there is the most gorgeous house for sale just down the road for us. I think you'd have to be a multi-millionaire to buy it, but I am in love with it. Here's the link if you want to look at it just for fun:

Rachel L

jenny said...

Hello, I really enjoyed the pics, am entering your competition.
I must say, I like blogs with pics, and yours is very interesting.

Ellen said...

I am posting about your giveaway this very day! I just KNOW I'll win the book!

Karen said...

I've done a post about your blog and the giveaway on my blog;

I'm also hoping to come on the soap course, but I have to talk to dh first. I think as long as he's not away in Brazil or something that he would be willing to take me. I'll try to let you know asap.

HomeskoolHeiress said...

Sounds lovely. Hope I win :)

Deedee said...

Oh Jackie! I wish we were closer! - Deedee

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