College Night!

Studying for DHC (Diploma in Homebased Childcare) at the moment, Thursday nights - such a nice bunch of people, it's really enjoyable, which I never expected.

I'm really looking forward to having a part time day care setting - we've got a lot of work to do! Not least the new kitchen which should have been in nearly two years ago and is at a messy half way stage right now.

This is the side garden, which will be the play area - obviously, Sophie's apartment will have gone by then, the bunnies will be suitably housed so that minded children can't get to them unless it is pets' corner time!

This is our back garden - it will still be our family garden, and not for public use!

The wild part behind the bantam area will stay wild(ish) and house a getaway for the girls

and the front garden will be available for chicken families and other smallholding nicities!

but once it's fenced off, and has a sandpit, waterplay, climbing frame, and other essentials, we think the side garden, with its fruit trees which will before too long offer a little shade and adventure, will be a good play area, together with muddy play and children's gardens in the veg plot.


Ellen said...

Best of luck on your venture! It sounds as if you have it well planned out, and your ideas are wonderful.

Ellen said...

I forgot to comment on your blog's new look and the additions you've made. Lookin' good!

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