The Sublime Society of Beef Steaks

I was about to light the fire this morning, when my eye fell upon the Court Circular and Announcements in the Telegraph.

The passing of one worthy was marked by a very well attended service at St Mary's, Cadogan St, SW3.

Shocked as I already was to find a Jason in the Forthcoming Marriages, not to mention baffled by the waiving of the £10 visitor's fee, at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club to Bill Gates, I was further amazed to discover that the aforementioned service was attended, among the many, many other representatives of the relevant orders of knighthood, and so on, by a representative of The Sublime Society of Beef Steaks.

Only in England.

Mind you, there was another memorial service for a military man, the attendance of which presumably left the country at risk of invasion, and I was rather sad to note that those passing exceeded those arriving by a good four columns. Come along, chaps. This is just not good enough.

Oh, and in the Personal Column, Psalm 2, verses 7 and 8. Excellent.

I must now go and light the fire, but really, I should read the paper more often. As it is, I usually take it from my husband, and detach the crossword before using the rest of it for much more prosaic tasks.


PlainJane said...

LOL, you are hysterical!

Hey, I think I saw some of it's members wandering through our property last week.

Alison said...

I just love the Telegraph and/or Times - so British !!! A xxx

Ellen said...

Isn't it enormously interesting to find out how other people spend their time? Obviously, the Sublime Society takes itself very seriously, judging from their website. And they should: "It is easy to confuse the various societies of beef eating tradition." What a tantalizing tidbit. Who knew??

Jackie said...

and indeed, Ellen, who needed to?
What you've got to realise however, is that the Sublime Society is potentially older than the USA itself! :-P
So no wonder they take themselves seriously!
I guess, possibly, if there had been less of them sat around in London eating 'Beefe Stake' we may not have been trounced .....
... I always suspect these clubs of being a cover though, goodness alone knows what they are actually up to.
If I now disappear without trace, you will know why. :-D

PlainJane said...

I googled the Sublime Society and didn't realize just how big of a deal it was - who would have guessed. Let's see now, who can I impress with my new awareness of the Sublime? (oh, that's right, nobody). lol

Mince & Tatties sounds much nicer, but no, I don't have any Scottish blood (just German & a little mutt).

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