A Give Away! And some 'hints' .....

We're very busy here at the moment, it's exciting and challenging!

I need to get people talking about my workshops - so I thought I would add some pictorial hints to the blog about workshops to come ... and also offer an exciting give away.

This gorgeous little book, ever so slightly pre loved by me (!) is really nicely self published on high quality paper, with wonderful illustrations. A month by month guide to what to pick, and how to cook it, with some special recipes.

All you need to do, is leave a comment, with a link to your blog - post about the giveaway on your own blog with a link to mine, and cross your fingers! I'll draw a winner on June 4th! It's a lightweight little gem, so entrants are welcome from all over the world!

Meanwhile ....

Sophie and her little brood are doing well. Sophie and the babes live in this custom dwelling, so that we can move them daily to fresh grass. One of the major causes of mortality in young chicks is keeping them on soured and dirty ground, so our little princes and princesses get fresh grazing daily. Of course, Sophie gets to watch over her little family, and it's fun watching her bossing and disciplining them!

But for Papa - Professor Bhaer - and the Aunties, it's a worrying time!

Thank you for calling! If you've booked on the September workshop, fear not, I shall get to you with a PayPal Invoice in due time! I'm so looking forward to it!


joc4jesus said...


Rachel L from NZ said...

Hi Jackie,
I'd like to enter the competition, for that lovely-looking little book. :o) Thank you so much, and I wish you all success with your new venture (I just wish I could come). About three of my neighbours are either in the UK right now, or about to leave to go to the UK for a holiday. Maybe I could sneak into their suitcases. ;o)
Rachel L

Jackie said...

aw Rachel ... I am hoping to do some online workshops, as well! Maybe you could join us for one of those!

Guys, don't forget to enter the draw, you need to post about and link to the contest, on your own blog!

Alison said...

I'd like to enter too !!!! Thank you !!!

{ jamie's cottage } said...

I just love your chickens! And the book looks like a lovely one I'll have to look for myself! ♥

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