Drum Roll, Please ....

Our new business plans are finally being unveiled!

We've spent a few long weeks, following our inspiring reading of 'Home Work' from TOS thinking and praying about how we can help support this little homestead in complimentary ways.

So ... firstly, I enrolled on an evening course, Diploma in Homebased Childcare, and I hope to register as a most irregular childminder! One who supports home education, and does not pick up from schools! Mainly, I hope to use this registration to run activity days and courses for small people, taking advantage of our lovely setting, animals, and free mud!

Secondly, we're going to be running small, friendly courses and workshops, for grown-ups, on lots of homesteady topics - the first, home soap making, we hope to do in September, so if you're interested, please drop me a line - it's a very cosy affair, so places will be very limited!

And tying in with those themes, I have returned to a previous role, that of organiser for Usborne Books at Home so if you'd like more information about holding an event, you'd like to order some books, or you'd like to consider being an organiser yourself - and joining a winning, home-ed team! - click on the link or drop me an email.

Exciting times for us, as we try to share and promote the simple life, and home based family businesses.


Dorothy said...

yay! I'm so excited for you, Jackie! Can't wait to hear more.

What a great opportunity this will be to share the Gospel with other families too! ( I don't mean directly, just by being who you are!)

Jackie said...

thanks, Dorothy - I am still feeling my way with this, but yes indeed, we do feel there is an element of ministry.
The child minding element baffles me a bit - I'm very clear that I have to do the course, and almost equally clear that it won't lead to anything as straight forward as actually child minding! So I'm stepping out in faith a bit, there.
But the courses, I'm getting very excited about!

Ellen said...

Why, oh why, am I on the other side of the OCEAN from you?? This is so tedious. I want to take the soapmaking course. I want to romp in the mud on the farm! (Oh, and I'll bring the girls along, too.) I want to make spelt bagels! (Was that an option?) And here's the kicker: I've been considering UBAH for about three weeks now, hemming and hawing, and kinda praying about it (do you know what I mean by "kinda praying"?). So I nearly shrieked when I read your post.

PlainJane said...

Congratulations Jackie, I'm very excited for you too. I hope this proves to be a very good fit and a great success for you all!

Page said...

Jackie, I would be interested in attending the soap making classes would it be possible to come along please and if I can, would you be able to recommend a place for me to stay near you. It would be great to meet you and catch up.

Love and hugs

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