Sunshine and shadows


What a glorious day!
We started off by hacking out for an hour, in glorious sunshine, yet unbelievably with the snow still on the hills! The photo was taken on my phone, so not the best, but you can see my beloved Downs in the distance, and do you see the white house at the foot of them? That belongs to a friend of ours, and is actually on the canal. It is absolute bliss, like The Railway Children but with a canal instead!
Then my darling husband (despite its being his birthday!) tilled my veg plot for me, and it's wonderful to see it looking like a working space again

and I got seeds planted in trays in the polytunnel, and the onions and garlic which have overwintered, hoed.

Oh, and I need to introduce you to a new team member. It's kind of tricky, as he won't keep still but .... this .... Cobbett. After William.

he's been hired in for our rodent control department. But he's in training right now.

Oh and the shadows are ... just thoughts, plans... possible callings ... work I may have to do, for our plan, our aim, our vision ... which maybe I don't want to do, but God wants me to do.

And the bigger shadow ...


Mam said...

You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

The stuff about the consultation that Gill so helpfully blogs about in plain English is making harrowing reading right now. It's all going to get harder as our chidlren get older, and I am really scared about what life will be like for my children's children.

We should all be in this together, but realistically I don't think most parents have even heard of any of it, it's only those of us who do things differently that end up 'in the loop'.

God willing, special times like family walks in the Downs, indoor equally lovely stuff such as baking together or even snuggling down to read to our kids will always still happen, even though they're going to get harder to fit in as we're all going to be so busy working and going to childcare full time. Sometimes I wonder if this is all getting so ridiculous it will come full circle eventually.


Dorothy said...

LOVE the kitten!{g}

Hate the way things seem to be heading re govt involvement in parenting.

Zookeeper Cat said...

Hey, here you are! Your kitten looks an awful lot like our kitten, except ours only has a wee white bib, no socks.

Oh, my goodness, your country has gone fascist with its child outcomes! That's horrible stuff.

Every so often, some misguided soul tries to put through local legislation that invades homeschoolers. But education in Canada is regulated by province, as are social services involving child intervention, so there is an automatic difficulty in bringing down comprehensive legislation. Thankfully.

We also have HSLDA, which is very active and strong, as are the provincial homeschool groups.

Time to think about emigrating again...?

PlainJane said...

Beautiful countryside - wish I could come for a visit. Happy Birthday to your husband! What a nice birthday gift - a garden for you. :) Wow, getting ready to plant, I wish that were the case here - we have 4 inches of new snow on the ground - I must be patient.

Cute kitten, I'll have to show the girls.

PlainJane said...

Anna sent off a letter to H on Wednesday. Have a very nice weekend.

Dorothy said...


I demand to see more pictures of william and your veg patch!

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