In safe hands

I give you, my incredibly talented niece ... she calls me aunt/sister ... our family is kind of generationally challenged. I'm toying with the idea of using 'coz' in the Shakespearian sense ... ie 'related to me in a kind of random way, which you wouldn't quite get'.

So. My 'coz' - very talented photographer, with obviously uber talented models - my daughter, and her pet bantam Sophie's offspring!


Cat said...

So cute!
I love your Shakespearean definition. Hits the nail on the head. :~)

Neighbours...(sigh) No hope of you moving to Canada still? Of course, it's a vast country, and who knows where you'd end up...

Jo said...

Aw shucks. Verily and forsooth.
I'm ashamed to say the editing of the whole shoot is probably not going to happen until we've moved but I'm really excited to see how they turn out. Especially with those crazily photogenic mini-coz's of mine!

Ellen said...

How sweet! My family is generationally challenged, as well, as my mom is the 9th of 10 children. It's a big group. If someone is not an aunt or uncle, he/she is a cousin. We don't attempt to differentiate between first cousins, second cousins, first cousins once removed, and all that. Too dicey.

PlainJane said...

Oh dear Jackie, am I ever behind on keeping up with my friends - just too much outdoor time I guess. So sorry! But there, at least I have read back to where I left off with you.

So you are now doing homesteading workshops on soapmaking - wonderful, can you arrange for me to come?

And child care? That will keep you mighty busy. I'm glad you are enjoying your classes - when will you be done and can set up your business?

Your chicks are adorable! Cute photo! I can't wait until we start seeing eggs again and ours mind their keep.

Your daughters are growing up so fast - I can hardly believe it.

It was good to catch-up! Have a wonderful weekend. I will certainly try to visit more often.

jenny said...

Very sweet!

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