Where I'm from.....

This idea, or method of writing a poem about Where I'm From, is pinched from Dorothy, who pinched it from Kathryn, who found a template.
Try it for yourself, here.
It's a wonderful exercise, I've found it enlightening and rather cathartic.

So. This is Where I'm From:

I am from sheepdogs in chamomile, from mouldering thatch and Massey Ferguson

I am from the wet wooded lanes, the mist laden dawns and staunching plough.

From GirlGuide tents and Meals on Wheels and British Legion Standards. Days off school for potato picking, and the Royal Show. From 'Jill's Gymkhana' and 'Follyfoot' and Miss Whitfield's Children's Riding School.

I am from the deadnettle, dandelion, daisy and dog rose, the cleavers and willowherb, clinging to wet Labrador.

I am from the RAF March, the Last Night of the Proms, the Boat Race, the Test Match, from Churchill and Kipling, Daniel and Kate and mad Clarissa.

I am from the walkers and travellers. From coffee and biscuits with the news, and then bed. From Two Way Family Favourites, and Morecambe and Wise.

From God is an Englishman, and understands cricket, and horses who have gone, graze the Elysian fields.

I am from Oh God Our Help in Ages Past, Jerusalem, and I Vow to Thee My Country. From a Girls’ Grammar School, with vast engraved boards of past achievers.

I am from Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah, Praise the Lord! and Yes, Jesus Loves me.

From towering vault of medieval church, and brick built vestibule of square Victorian chapel.

I'm from Warwickshire woods, and Gloucestershire fields,. black pudding and golden pies. From Sunday tea, with trifle. From Choc Ices and Cornish Mivvies.

From the gin soaked knee of Uncle Clem, and Alf’s Rolls Royce. From Maud and Arthur’s council house garden, with blackcurrant bushes, and a shed.

I am from a 1930s semi, a brick built cottage, a stone house on a hillside.

I am from people who were born and died on the land, and asked no more.

I am from England.


Cat said...

That is hauntingly beautiful.

Dorothy said...


Did you find it hard to stop? I did. {g}

Jackie said...

How did you guess?! LOL
I'd still be at it, if I hadn't exercised a good deal of will power!

Ellen said...

Gorgeous, Jackie.

Lynn said...

any news on a school place for your youngest, yet, Jackie?

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