Nothing to Report ...

we still don't know what happens next. A lot of things are going on behind scenes, but I can't talk about them.
Ground is tilled, and seedlings are growing, and the days are longer and bluer.
Children work hard and play hard, and grow.
I miss being able to update with regular stories and general nonsense, but fear I will say something that will cause us pain, again.
Bear with me. When we know, I will be back, in full babble.


PlainJane said...

Hi Jackie, I'm glad you haven't abandoned your blog entirely and that you all are relatively well. I look forward to your ramblings when you feel at liberty to talk. Lots of Love, Jane

Ellen said...

I can't wait until you're back in full babble. I miss you, and the Internet is all we've got, you and I! xo

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