Shifting the Earth

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It's a particularly weird time for us at the moment.

As H nears the end of her school career - she was homeschooled until Year 7 (Grade 6) and has been in a tiny Christian co-op school from Years 8 - 11 - it has become apparent for various reasons that our stay in the school cannot and should not continue. So Boo will be venturing into the world of state school for the very first time, aged 13, after Easter.

We will see how it goes - Home Education is standing in the wings - but at the moment, it's what she wants to do. Today was the day we wrote the emails and made the decisions. They were  hard but necessary.

Now I find myself working nearly full time, and our very survival is more and more tenuous with each passing day - I wonder if we can keep this up, this mad, rural, land loving life. Or if we will have to give in, and go under.

We aim to pay it forward and have several gifts and blessings in mind at this time of blessing and of gift.

We have such an astounding, amazing life.  Whatever happens, we will be fine - we are anxious for nothing - but in the best of all possible worlds, we will hold on, and it will all come good.

If everyone, however poor, however challenged at this time of advent, decided to pay forward one great big gift, the biggest thing they can imagine giving, to someone to whom they owe nothing, just for the very good of us all - do you think the world would shift, just a little?


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