Bees and Woolly Cushions

Ever had one of those days where a project gets out of hand?

I have been encouraging Neil to go back to bee club (or 'Bees' as it's universally known around here, much to the girls' amusement. You off to Bees then? Been to Bees?) for ages as I love having bees around for my garden and I really do love honey, but I am personally a little bit scared of the dear things.

We have a ready and waiting hive, after ours swarmed and cleared off, and he needed to get back into the swing of things, to be offered another swarm, and keep up to date with local bee goings on and bee news. No really.

So last night off he went to Bees, and came back determined to clear a path and the area around the hive, because apparently there are a LOT of swarms about, and he could get offered one quite soon if he joins the list.

This was our mission this morning, which led, eventually to the absolute wiping out of a laurel a good 15 feet tall, enough bamboo (sadly) to feed the remaining population of Giant Pandas, and about a quarter of the giant buddleia globiosa  which had spread across an area  bigger than most modern back gardens.

It was hard slog, and we earned our barbecue supper.

In other news. I've just made a cushion. I know. But it was a vague sort of a business idea and then I decided I'd make one for me, and see what I thought of it. The unusual thing about this particular cushion, is that it is stuffed to its little double seams with soft, washed and fluffed up, lovely, natural, warm, comforting ...
Jacobs Sheep Wool!

So it's an all natural product, I ran this one up from some soft cotton flannel, it's springy and comforting and breathable and really rather lovely. So I shall make it a cover and see how we get along together.


mel said...

i'm giggling because i'm thinking of "going off to Bees" being the farmish equivalent of going off to cricket or the yacht club....i have a vague notion of plus-fours and argyle socks. never mind me, it's my particular imagination, you see.... ;)

have you ever thought of churning out some cat toys with your spare bits of wool? i know it probably sounds mad but cats go absolutely BONKERS over natural fibres...grow a bit of catnip and sprinkle it in and you've got instant crack for cats. and, having worked at a cat hospital for many years, i can tell you that while cat people will balk at a vet bill for general care and maintenance, they'll spend exorbitant amounts on All Natural Cat Baubles. true story.

i think a sheep's wool cushion would be a very soothing and comfortable thing indeed.


Jackie said...

I am now going to have to push moleskin kneelers and argyle socks very hard INDEED.

Countryside Tales said...

Hey Jackie :o)

It seems dear Mel is a connector of like-minded people. How funny that we should bounce on to one another's blogs via Canada when we live in neighbouring counties here in the UK! (there is probably something wise and deep in all of that but as my head is full of sunshine and growth in the garden today, I shan't think too heavily on it just now).
LOVE your cushion- splendid! And Bees too- lots of bees here. I toy with thoughts of bee keeping at some stage in the future. CT :o)

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