So that was that weekend

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Every year, we have one in summer, and one in winter.
The weekend when just about everything happens.
And this was it.
From School Performances, to the YFC Mistletoe Ball, to work Christmas dinners, to having my lovely brother and sister in law and their two adorable kids down for the weekend, everything happened in the last three days.
I have driven miles, lost the plot, cooked for 8, forgotten who's showing up, hugged and laughed and possibly eaten too much so that tomorrow's Slimming World might be one of the less successful.
I have watched Boo play clarinet in the band for 'Guys and Dolls' and she was fab. I have toted her into town to play carols outside Sainsburys, and then on to a matinee of Guys and Dolls, and then on to work.
I have buzzed between livery yard and work for H (her dad did the taxi stint for Mistletoe, I don't do 1 am!)and been so proud of them both, with their busy, productive lives.
It's been lovely hanging out with Sarah and Simon and Joe, and playing with Amy and Zoe.
And then this morning, it was great to leave the roast in the oven and head off to church to hear Ben talk about shepherds and angels - and what it all really meant, the night the baby who changed everything was born.
I am truly blessed, to live in this crazy life, this mad whirl of draft ponies, dairy goats, sheep and chickens, aspirational children, Strictly semi finals, daft dogs, massive lunches, and the pause that recognises what it's all actually about.
I am however bushed. Goodnight!


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