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Well, it was inevitable.
This here belt had to be tightened.
So with a weekend where I'm *not* actually going anywhere but church tomorrow morning, for a change, I had a menu plan, a shopping plan, and a list.
After shooting over to do little horse, as H wasn't back until later in the day, I made a run into town to buy a cheap microwave from Wilko.
We haven't owned such a creature for years, but as a fan of Frugal Queen I'm very aware of the power of ding cuisine on busy work nights.
Next to Lidl to do an ultra planned shop, which came out at £38 - we'll see how well that pans out. I'd 'shopped my pantry' first, so a lot of freezer and store cupboard goodies featured strongly.
I've made enough bread for most of the week and frozen one loaf. I've made a huge fruit cake for lunches, and a batch of bread rolls.
For Sunday's roast I've taken a quarter of a turkey out of the freezer. You read that right. One of our turkeys was left after Christmas and was finished so huge it's been frozen as four quarter joints. This was a leg joint and is defrosting in the slow cooker.
I've cleaned up the Rayburn and tonight it was fired up to dry clothes - there is autumn in the air and although I've not had it swept yet, it feels like the beginning of the long run of winter fires.
After making coleslaw and potato salad to go with schnitzels and green salad for supper ( with good old semolina for pud.) I was about whooped and sat down to a secondhand Midsomer Murders and my knitting before bed!

I feel a bit adrift I must admit, I'm so busy I'm not catching a lot of significant or serious news or commentary and I couldn't tell you where we are with Brexit or the new cabinet. I must make an effor to catch up. I shall briefly stop listening to Dave Ramsey on my commute and listen to Radio 4 instead.


mel said...

your menu plan and subsequent preparations are very inspiring! and tiring!

when B and i were first married and living in Florida we used to challenge ourselves to "starving weeks" [as we jokingly referred to them] -- in an effort to save some money we wouldn't do any shopping and only eat from what we already had on hand. it made a surprisingly large contribution to our savings and we didn't feel all that deprived. ;). Which probably trained us well for a particularly bad financial patch a few years ago when our budget only allowed for $50/week worth of groceries to feed our family of four. Somehow none of us starved to death. So, yes, it can be done....:)

good idea on the turkey -- ours are about two weeks past being ready [scheduling troubles for processing] so when they do go on Wednesday i'm worried a couple of them will be too big for most people's ovens. Portioning it up sounds like a grand plan!


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