Midnight Forty Five

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Fourth night in a row I am up so very late.

We've been building a business plan to submit for a farm tenancy. Exciting, but also demanding, and painstaking.

The chances of our getting a look in are so small, I'd considered not even mentioning it, but the process is something we've gone through several times before - though never in quite this much detail.

We competed for Rixham Farm in Devon - I'm finding it hard to believe that was over three years ago! - and got to the interview stage, but it was not to be.

We've tendered for County Farms before but this one would be a perfect opportunity for us - if only we get a chance. Often sons of local farmers are top of the list . We think our business plan is sound, and while we are at the elderly end for new entrants, it's all about giving our daughters a start.

Tonight I finished constructing the proposal. Tomorrow it will be proof read for the hundredth time, and printed again. Then on Thursday it will go in, only one day before the deadline.

And all our dreams go with it.

*Edited to add: the backdrop to my toil the last two evenings has been the BBC's excellent new series  Farmers' Country Showdown on iPlayer. Aired at the ridiculous time of 3.45pm or something equally ridiculous, I'm glad I've got the online feature available - plan to catch every episode over the next couple of weeks.


mel said...

I think that's a marvelous scheme to have. Over here, unless you take over the family farm or are a bejillionaire, you've got no shot at buying land. It's just far too expensive for people starting out. So, that means if you're not from a farming family (or a bejillionaire) you're up the creek.

And there aren't a lot of rental opportunities either.

Add to that, the penchant for industrialized farming-- the "croppers" as they're called..who gobble up all of the spare land to grow monoculture crops...well, that leaves us with our little corner of a tree nursery.

still, it beats living in the city.

i wish you all the best of everything...i've got everything crossed for you.<3


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