Erm.... Dear USA

We know you love Scotland, and that you love to trace your heritage there, and wear the tartan, and sing the songs.
Yet funnily enough, I have just heard an excerpt from your news broadcasts, with regard to the Lockerbie Bomber, crying 'Why did Great Britan do this?'.

Ahem. We didn't. It was Scotland.

I know, I know, we don't have cute tartan, or any of those really cool names. But please, credit where it's due, we also did not release the Lockerbie Bomber. That was Scotland. Devolved government. Not England. Or Great Britain, or the United Kingdom. Scotland.

Och Aye. :0)


Cat said...

Doubled over in my chair chortling.
Och aye indeed.

jenny said...

You are naughty!
I'll get one of me wee bairns to gie ya a Glasgow kiss jimmee!
Only joking;0)

Lynn said...


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