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I don't know, I just seem to be so busy.
I'm in the middle of: making bread, making cake, painting Boo's bedroom, supervising the girls who are caterpillar picking out in the cabbage patch, remembering I must put another load of laundry on, and trying to make a list of other things I must do.
Saturday: small show, Boo did well, coming second in an awesomely tight timed jump off. H survived the day on the stroppy little welsh pony, who is due to go home soon.
Sunday: To the inlaws - chuckling because I'd berated Dorothy for driving past my door last week and not stopping by, so just to keep things even I drove past hers this week - but the day was, at best, challenging, and Boo got stung by a wasp and her arm is still swollen.
Monday - dropping with exhaustion, but managed an hour in the (much neglected) garden and a lot of other dashing around. At 6pm when supper was all systems go, my dear husband decided he need all hands on deck to move some sheep. We ate at 9pm. Need I say more?
A young girl answered the children's bantams for sale ad in the local feedstore, and arranged to come and buy some. She turned up with her 'hard bitten farmer' grand father (although, to be honest, the little tinny dihatsu truck didn't enhance the image) who proceeded to try to rip my children off.
Not a chance, though I did take details, 'in case they change their minds' - though they are not going to. So, Mr S--- of M--- Farm, in S----, I have your name, and in more ways than one, I have your number, chum.
Today - see above.
Oh and my camera's broken. Which is not fair. I need to put pictures on here.


Cat said...

No, it is *not* fair! Your camera is the best view of England I can get! :~)

We've done our best to avoid the busyness this summer--no camp, no VBS, no activities. We're still feeling like we haven't been home in a dog's age.

Family reunion, rushing off to get some lake time on the only sunny four days we've have this year, more family stuff, more boat stuff. Whew. I *really* need to clean my house...

September said...

Hi, I've just discovered your blog and i love it!! Just wanted to tell you :-)

joc4jesus said...

Hi Jackie
We need to talk about Soap and Sisterhood. I have a Mini IQ thing (yes I'm with the competition, sorry) in Swindon on the Sunday so we are going to come en masse and stay overnight in the Travelodge in Swindon. Need to know where you guys are and good places to eat between you and Swindon/ National Trust places nearby where Phil can take the boys etc. Missing you on Deut but it is pretty quiet atm. Glad you're still on DD. Praying that your girls really enjoy school in September.

Let me know about the S&S stuff.

Dorothy said...

Did you? Drive past my door last week? We were in Somerset for a few days, so we'd have missed you anyway.

But then we had to pick the kids up from Yeovil and Birmingham on the same day, which was stressful.

There are a lot of traffic jams in the West Country, aren't there?

Jackie said...

Yes. grrr. There are! Still, summer (ha!) being nearly over, they will mainly fade away now, except for our local permanent one.
As for your door, a bit of poetic licence, but we did pass through Bicester!

Dorothy said...

I'm not sure how anyone ever gets into Swindon. We sat outside it for an hour and then decided to take some country roads around it.{g}

Hey, next time you pass through Bicester, at least give me a ring!

Or a necklace or any other type of jewelery would be acceptable.

I love these word verification words. Today's word is 'Dogrant'.

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