Best Laid Plans

We kind of hoped to go to our old church to day to say goodbye - it was going to be hard, but it was our beloved fellow deacon in the morning and the London City Mission, who we support, in the evening.
However, at 10 o'clock my older daughter came through the door with her hands over her face and blood pouring everywhere, having been kicked by a horse.
My initial reaction was sheer terror, but having established that her eyes and teeth were OK, the old routine soon sprang into action, and she was cleaned up, arnicad and had a cold compress on the bruising within seconds. The wound was still bleeding freely though and it was gaping as it was on her cheekbone.
Assuring her that I would have left her to it if she had been a rugby playing boy who might one day be proud of the scar, I put her in the car and drove her to the MIU half an hour away to have it looked at, glued and taped, to minimise any future scarring.
Our wonderful, wonderful National Health Service came up trumps once again, we were seen in minutes, a friendly, competent nurse checked her thoroughly, smiled and joked, and did such a fantastic job on her face, I know it will all be gone in a year or so.
All this happens because we pay for our health service through our taxes. No one asks you who you are or what you can afford. They just smile, and get on with the job. God bless the NHS.


Lorie said...

Praise God your daughter is could have been much worse. I hope she heals quickly.


Rachel said...

Oh boy! Doesn't your heart just leap when your kids come in with blood - but I am grateful for our public health system too, alhtough sounds like your waiting time at the er is a whole lot less than we have to wait here, although a fresh wound like that would be hard to ignore. Hope she heals up really quickly.

Jo said...

Indeed. I'm so glad she's okay. What a fright. And with H's ethereal beauty even if there is a lasting mark, it'll just make her more gorgeous. I tell ya...blimmin' good job she's family :)

Cat said...

Very true about the health care. That's exactly how it went with the Tiger Lily when she ran into a glass door and sliced her face and fingers open. Fourteen stitches, not even just tape. Nonetheless, she was well and quickly dealt with.

How's she doing? Not too much pain, I hope?

Jackie said...

oh dear, those of us who suffer in the 'communist dictatorships' and 'banana republics' under the shame of social healthcare don't seem to be quite as downtrodden and hopeless as we're meant to be, do we, girls ;-)
(apologies to all my American friends, but Brits, Kiwis and Canadians have feelings too!)

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