Visit the farm

I also have a farm blog at

It's pretty much under construction, and it's different in that it's aimed at people who interact with us locally, not just online, but I'd love you to drop by and say hello - and if you feel like it, post a link to your own blog - we could do with the traffic!

Girls are deep into preparation for a show on Monday (bank holiday) and I am tangling with two business plans - mine to reinvent my box scheme as a market garden, and Neil's to run a farm contracting business with a difference. I am also hoping to revive my dreams of workshops and courses.

Anyone interested in soapmaking or Christmas crafts?!


Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Good luck with your new ideas and the new website too.

I always enjoy catching up with your blog and have awarded you with a Versatile Blogger Award. It's ready to pick up on my blog here:


Anonymous said...

Wow - have just spent time catching up with your blogs and am ashamed I've been boring you with my boring stuff about schools !!! You are so much on the go what with re-starting your box scheme/market garden and it sounds like Neil has some business ideas of his own ! Well done - very exciting !!! I shall have to keep checking back now to see what you're all up to !!! Ali xxx ps: do post some photo's of Bob - I'd love to see what he looks like, oh and an up-to-date one of Morse too please !!!

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