How I hate favouritism

Boo went up to seniors this year - she's in year 7 and there are only four of them in her little school, two boys and two girls.
Unfortunately the other girl is fully installed as a golden girl who can do no wrong.
She is continually pointed out as being 'good at math' when she has seven corrections in her work to Boo's ... er... zero. Oh well, says Miss, they're only little corrections.
She got an A1 for a Science paper for which Boo got B2 (the workings of the science teacher's marking scheme are impenetrable) - yet there is no discernable difference in their work.

How to go about it? We are committed to school now, and the girls love it. I don't want to become a whinger (I am going to whinge about H's history AGAIN so really will have played my whingeing card) BUT I don't want my daughter to feel second best for five years because of complex family loyalties and prejudices within such a small community.

Although, lets face it, when she comes out of here, given she wants to do veterinary medicine and hopes to go to Cambridge to do so - she will have to face up to a fair pile of discrimination, and she will have to overcome it.

I think it's gonna be a case of some extra attitude training...


Deedee said...

I missed you at Cefn Lea this year!

I had a similar situation in my Christian high school in the states years ago. My best friend could do nothing wrong for our science teacher and I could get nothing right! We even went to her with test papers where we had the same answer and she had marked mine wrong and hers right!!!!

What did this 'lovely' (NOT) teacher do? She marked my friend's answers wrong as well to punish her for sticking up for me and trying to make the teacher look bad!! Ggggrrrrrrr!

I'll be praying that they will see Boo for who she is and be more fair. - Deedee

Ellen said...

I deplore and detest favoritism and it is rampant in schools here. One of my "favorite" stories on favoritism involves my dad. When he was in college, he would always get an A on his papers in a particular lit class, and his buddy would always get a C. So they conducted an experiment: my dad wrote his friend's next paper for him and they put the friend's name on it. Shock of all shocks, the paper my dad wrote for his friend got a C! My dad's own paper? Guess.

The whole thing stinks.

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