Stranger in a Strange Land

I haven't been here for so long, I wanted to stop by and say hello.

It's been a madly busy time for us, and it's not letting up.

Two weeks ago, my beloved little horse, Archie, died of acute colic. It was the most horrid thing, and I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to both my husband and my vet, who dealt with the very worst part, while I wept uncontrollably with my daughters.

Money is tight, and as of Tuesday, I am beginning training to work from home taking call centre calls. I am praying that by the time the training is finished, God will have clearly shown me there is another way for me to contribute to the family income. A massive upsurge in orders for veg boxes would be one favoured way.

We have bantam babies, and pregnant goats.

We had no rain for like, MONTHS. Last night we had a huge (OK, US friends, it was not huge by your standards) thunder storm, and we made up a little of the rain.

I want to change everything, and find that I can change little.

God is in charge, and He knows what's going on. Which is good, because I so don't.


Ember said...

God bless and prosper your veggie box sales, and all your finances. God send you what you need to flourish and be happy xxx

suzanne said...

Hello Jackie

My I am sorry to hear about your horse...I am also wondering if you have ever tried crafting and selling your goods on a site called I sold my knitted toys there for a while and that really went well. Infact, some times I could not keep up. Maybe browse the site and see what your family can make. People sell anything homemade~

Just a thought.
Happy day to you

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