We're back

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from Guide camp, in which 10 girls aged 10 - 13 ran wild in the New Forest and did awesome things, made promises on zip wires and crate stacks, changed, grew and blossomed, were amazing and brilliant and also sometimes just a little bit cross making.
Without my awesome daughter Harrie, I couldn't have coped, she is my tower of strength, not to mention the best camp cook in the world.
Now a deep breath and a prayer that we can get the hay in during the next week, because we need the girls to do the job really, and the following week they are off on church camp.
Three goats have now kidded - four girls and one boy the tally so far - and so, so SO much still to do!
Then there is a brief last gasp of summer, our two favourite horse shows, and then it will be September, and H will take a breath and start her GCSE courses. How can that be my baby?
Boo was twelve on the last day of camp and got balloons delivered to her campsite, and came home to balloons and streamers and chocolate cake!After church today we went and bought her a new crash hat as her old one is a bit squashy, and she had lovely clothes from Granny via Fatface!
Tomorrow it's back to the real world!


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