God is good!

I have been quiet awhile, while struggling with the learning, qualifying, and beginning of a new job. I hated it with such a passion it made me ill. My head ached, my back hurt, I got rsi in one arm - this is what happens when you sit at a computer for four hours a day doing something you loathe.

On Tuesday, I decided to go and look in the feedstore for ads, and found someone advertising a job I'd applied for before, and not got - feeding, rugging, turning out and mucking out four or five horses five days a week. I gave her a ring and she's offered me the job - tomorrow I'm off to see her and on Monday, I'll start.

The relief is unbelievable. I gave up the hours on the phone immediately. What's better is that it allows me to take the goats back, which means Neil doesn't have to do them before an already too long working day. And I can do the sheep as well.

Never was a person so overjoyed to be stepping out into the heaving rain and cold. And then someone's facebook status this morning assured me there'd be snow by Saturday! Never mind! It could be worse. I could be back on the phones.


Ellen said...

Oh, Jackie, I'm doing a happy dance for you here on my side of the pond! So thankful you no longer have to work at that repulsive phones job AND that this new work fits into your life better. Blessings!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Congratulations about your new job!
Also, thank you so much for sharing about how you milk your goats - I shared with my husband and I we are definitely going to consider this when we start milking.
Warm wishes,

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