Big Girl

Didn't take a photo :(

Boo has  been offered the ride on the most awesome pony.
We got the call today - the people who sold us Cracker have a 14hh jumping pony who needs a rider. They are so impressed with what she did with Cracks, they have offered her the ride on the pony, tack, rugs, the whole kit and caboodle. She went over to ride him today and did such a good job, I was SO proud.
She was jumping him in a field which is (past) ready for cutting for hay, and he was bounding thistles on his approaches and landings, and he still jumped like a dream - she was all lit up - and it never hurts to be told you did SUCH a good job, and someone is SO impressed, they want you to ride another one for them.
Jack will probably arrive with us some time next week. En route to the stars ;)


Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle said...

Oh, how wonderful! I know how fabulous this is for Boo. A dream come true, really. Can't wait to see photos (hint, hint)!

PlainJane said...

Woohoo! Yes, pictures please as soon as you can.

Jackie said...

Not as straightforward as it seemed, of course!
There will be a period of adjustment, shall we say.
I will update you in due course ;)

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