Parties and Pipe Dreams

You may have noticed the Jubilee? We had a fabulous time. Here you see my two daughters, making their way to our village's 'street party'-

OK, so no street. But it was a great party!

And then the great rains began.

So, with other challenges coming thick and fast, like the wind and rain currently lashing the window by which I am typing, and making me wish I had actually called the tree surgeon about that rather wobbly, rather dead pine tree, with regret, we have had to put on hold my venture into horse power.

It's ultimately so annoying - we had been offered a tremendously good set up for a mere £250 - which is very mere indeed if you've got it, and not so mere when you have a tyre that needs replacing, and fencing needing doing, and still have an open question hanging over your tenancy agreement.

Tragically, that means we'll have to sell Cracker - our animals have to earn their living, and Boo has outgrown the little fella several times over. I'd hoped we'd keep him as a fine source of motive power, and a way to offer lessons in horse care and use on the holding.

I've been fortunate and picked up more writing work, and I'm still committed to doing some workshops - soap making, and cheesemaking, for example, so please do let me know if you're interested. I've got diploma work to catch up on too, so I'm not at a loose end in this storm bound house, with the wind raging and the rain slapping the windows and doors.

I am at a standstill in the gardens, I've given up and re-covered most of the house garden with sheets of black plastic as a sheet mulch - as if it were winter - which it may as well be! I peel it back when the weather allows me to plant another small clutch of plants. Getting nowhere, fast this year.

Some days, the weather, the economic climate, the dead ends, the straits of tenancy - all combine to mock: 'Give it up! Go on, give up and forget the lure of the farm! Play it safe'.

Some days, it takes the silence (or not, in this case) of the darkest night to whisper 'Never. Never while I breathe.'

There'll be other driving rigs. There'll be a day I can show you all how to use a cute welsh pony on the smallholding!


Rachel said...

I think you're amazing Jackie! What a sweet pony - hope that's the one you're keeping.

Jackie said...

Sadly that's the little guy who's got to go - it's heartbreaking, especially when I know I could put him to good use and in a worthy cause!

Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle said...

Cracker looks a lot like Tiny Girl's Max, who's also a Welsh. :-)

I know what it's like about nature and circumstances seeming to mock our plans and dreams. I'm there right now, and it's not a fab place to be.

So we'll hang in together, my friend.

PlainJane said...

Oh Jackie, I'm sorry that your Jubilee fun was washed out, as well as much of everything else.
Time for some tea I'm guessing. My computer screen saver rotates through pictures and we still have the photo of your girls on their "steeds" looking so dapper, but even back then I wondered when your little ladies would outgrown those darling ponies. ((Hugs))

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