Downland Rain


Long, lashing gusts of rain slew across our fields, day after day after day.
The promise of the rainbow becomes greatly significant.
The field is thigh high in thistles and needs topping. The tractor does about half a length and then the filters clog up. With wet thistles. In permaculture we say, the problem is the solution. In this case, it would appear to be quite the reverse.
So we wade through the thistle to move the sheep, legs wet and scratched through denim. Head into the wind, my glasses awash, the seams of my good boots beginning to leak.
The sheep go onto the trailer quite well. They would, it's dry in there.
Nearly blind sheepdog works by command only.
In the picture, Neil strategically places electric netting, to channel the sheep into the trailer. With the wind and the rain eternally in his face.
This is the longest winter we ever had in summer.


Janie said...

I really feel your pain re the weeds, I have been trying to get out strimming and topping for what feels like weeks now. The poultry netting has weeds (and thistles - eek) growing through it which makes it such a nightmare to move to move to strim.
Hey ho, all this wet stuff does make our fields look beautiful - when the fog clears that is!
Hope it eases up for you soon x

PlainJane said...

I'm sorry you are having such a rainy summer. You do wax very poetic though.

We are going through quite a heatwave right now -- too early for this.

Anonymous said...

And to think I've been moaning about how difficult it is to get out and cut the grass in our garden!! I live in Cornwall and earlier today when I was out driving down some country lanes, I was amazed to see how much water was still running off the fields. There are also a lot of stones in the roads that have been washed down the lanes.
My husband says he's to blame for all this bad weather. He says it's because we had solar panels fitted last December! :) This weather has definitely made a mockery of his energy saving predictions - it seems we produced more solar energy in March than in June this year.

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