Hay, baby

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We made hay. Oh yes we did.
In a manic rush, we moved 500 small bales in one day. It was a day that lasted until 3am the following day, but it was, nevertheless, a day.
We do have pictures but I also have a bad back (no? you do? who'd a thought it?) so the pictures will be delayed.

In other news, I was confined to the horizontal today but gladly, it was cross country day at the Olympic 3DE so I was forced to watch the lot. Nicola, Mary, Zara, Tina and William, YOU ROCK. So proud to be British, so proud of those amazing people, and those glorious horses, all of them superstars but especially especially the gorgeously wonderful Opposition Buzz. (High Kingdom's pretty lovely too though.)

Opposition Buzz - Photo : Katherine Begley

Tomorrow, the world!


PlainJane said...

Wow, that is a LOT of hay for one day! A bad back is understandable following all that. Oh no, I missed the equestrian competition? Is there more to come?

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