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As long time friends will know, I'm all about doing it yerself - God sufficiency - self empowerment - cutting out the middle man and DEFINITELY kneeing the supermarkets where it hurts.

There are different categories of 'stuff you can do yourself'.

There's the stuff that is good, but a bit fiddly and time consuming. I would put homemade pasta in this group. It's great to know you can do it, and it does taste just delicious, but it takes ages, makes a mess, and boughten pasta is like THE  quick standby for supper when you kind of forgot to come in from the garden, have three hungry people to feed, need to bottle feed a lamb, sort out the homework/netbook battle, get people to youth group, and ring the farrier about a horse who lost a shoe.

There's the stuff that is a no brainer. Bread. With or without a bread maker, once you can make bread, the occasional bought in loaf is a travesty. It's quick, it's easy, there are a bazillion ways to adapt the process to your circumstances, it tastes amazing, it is a blessing on all who grow or bake or serve or consume it, it reminds you of the sacred nature of bread in so many cultures, and its hard earned stance between life and death for many people and tribes.

There's the skills that are handiwork's heritage seeds. If I don't darn that sock, I will forget how to darn socks, and worse, I will forget to teach my daughters to darn socks, and indeed, they will never know to ask to be taught to darn socks, and that glorious, noble skill will fade forever into the mists.

There are the badges of honour. Making shoes. Making hats. Actually making and using personal sanitary protection, nappies, and all that jazz.

There are the questionable standards. Laundry gloop. Yes, you can make it and it's cheap. It's not especially environmentally friendly, and you do end up with uniformly grey clothes and towels, but whatever.

So here for your enjoyment this evening are:

Five things you never knew you could make for yourself ...

Knitting Needles

Your Own Font

A Greenhouse


Padded Envelopes  

I would really love to see you post links to your finished projects. I'm sold on the knickers, myself!


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