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OK, so just replying to a fellow blogger who is looking for a place to do what we do - that is to say, live on the land, give her children the childhood they deserve, grow things, maybe keep livestock.

Jules at Classroom Free is wanting to up sticks to the sticks, so if anyone can help her, get in touch.

This brought up one of my backburner plans. I have long considered writing a book (e-book?) about our experiences, and offering advice to anyone who would like to do this living on the land, wonderful outdoor childhood, good food and outdoor life thing - and who doesn't have the money to buy a property, or the right kind of connections, and who must do it from a standing start, seemingly against impossible odds.

I'd really appreciate feedback on the idea - would you buy such a thing? Would you have done when you set out?  This is just a beginning idea, but it's one I've been nurturing for quite a long time, so - I'd love to get some feedback, to help me to decide whether or not to type 'Chapter One' at the beginning of blank Word.doc !

*Edited to add ...

I am really not being the best and most faithful blogger of late - yet again resolve to correct this! - lots going on. I have got a new job (yes from home) which will be taking up about 15 - 20 hours of my week, and am trying to pack in as much work on my permaculture diploma as possible before training begins next week. There is a separate website being concocted for my diploma journey which I will make public when there is anything worth reading on it!

I am also toiling to try to rescue something from the house veg garden, after our bizarre weather this year, and we are still trying to do SOMETHING with the field, despite STILL not being able to clarify what is going on, exactly.

We also have new land to rent, and are losing our lovely barn for the horses and goats, so will be doing a lot of moving around, probably at the last minute. So bear with me. Change is at hand.


Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle said...

Do it. Write the book. Thinking of you always.

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