Simple living?! If only!

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 As what ever poor glimpse of summer we had faded from the sky and mornings began to be sharp, and cool, and with that unmistakeable sniff of autumn, we sat, still unsure of what was going on about so many things.

With still no word on our main plot of land, we had a small field available, but were losing our yard, and our goat buildings and yard.

Autumn was well and truly with us before we started to figure out the complex web - who goes where, what can we keep, how can we keep it.

Still no frosts so still a few runner beans about, when we decided we could keep the ponies where they are. We just need a whacking great field shelter. So I got a new home based job and Neil drove a few thousand more taxi miles.  With the go ahead from that particular landlord, that meant the goats could possibly move to the new field.

 And the wind chimes (and associated bean canes) still upright (before he equinoctal gales) when finally finally we found out that we can get another three years fbt on the larger part of the field, though a smaller part will be on a one year rolling tenancy.

So somehow, on three sites, four or five if you count the sheep grazing, we are still in business. By the skin of our teeth, and not without cost. I think I came near to really serious illness, and I'm still in pretty poor shape. The uncertainty of nearly a year seems an unnecessary cruelty.

However, on we go.  It won't be easy, as we have had no crop and no income off the field for a whole year, due to the weather and the uncertainty.

Carry on we must though. All hands on deck. A few new ideas. A very special offer of help to re-establish the very special hay meadow.... but we're fighting now, and winter is coming.

In the midst of all this my computer crashed and though it is now mended, in the process, I locked myself out of the farm blog. Hey ho. So I can't access anything, and I need a new Etsy account. Because my first blow in the fight back is to stock the shelves of my shop - spicy primitive hearts sewn and ready to go!


Ellen said...

Jackie, I've always thought the idea of "simple living" that back-to-the-landers here in the US tend to tout is something of a farce. Simple, nothing! It's hard work. It's unpredictable. It's not for the faint of heart. I'm glad to hear about the big field; and I'm sorry to hear you are still not well. And your computer problems. Those *really* stink.

Your photos are lovely. Little glimpses of grace in a grey uncertainty.


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