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Yesterday was a big annual day out for us to the Bath and West Show. I did a fair amount of planning ahead, bought tickets in advance, and constructed the picnic to end all picnics for all four of us for well under £20 (including wine, and puddings, and all sorts of fripperies) from Lidl, so that we did not spend one red cent (or indeed £6 each for a bread roll with something in it) on food or drink all day long.

For the second year running I made a point of watching the brilliant Kate Mobbs-Morgan of Rowan Working Horses do her logging demo.

It's part of the plan for the farm to use horses - well, in the first place, one very small pony - as draft animals, and I love to learn anything I can about this stuff.  I've lived and worked around horses all my life, but draft work is a new area to me, so I'm keen to make a start. We've broken Diva to harness to the point of long reining her, and now we are kind of stuck for harness and equipment. All of which costs money. So I am going to need to think of a way to get hold of the kit without breaking the bank.

Other than that, it's been a working extra kind of half term week, with H and Boo revising at home, and the exam pressure building for both of them.

Unbelievably, I have to add, having just read Mel's post at Inkblot Kingdom  that we also lost a cockerel this week,  cause or causes unknown.

We also spent the early hours of one morning chasing our landlord's cows around the lanes, and the early hours of the next trying to evict a bat from our bedroom.

I often feel I am on the very edge of stepping out onto the path I trust and know I will follow. I feel I've left it too long. Images like the one above of Kate, behind a powerful Ardennes horse, in the woods, make me feel it all the more. There is no time to waste. What ever it is, I need to do it soon. If not now.


Alison said...
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Alison said...

A friend in my village posted on FB this week that she'd lost a hen to a badger !!! Never heard of that before !!!! Nice post - glad you had a lovely day ! Ali x

mel said...

further freakishness on our parallel lives!! both on the loss of our roosters and the feeling that things have been left too late. :( i know EXACTLY what you mean. EXACTLY. oh, to have you round for a cuppa....

that's a magnificent thing, those working horses. *sigh*

i, too, feel poised on the edge of something....and where once i might have leapt, now i find myself in a constant shuffle back-and-forth, dithering....

*more sighs*


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