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Bit of a rubbish day really.
We've always been very careful with our sheep and seldom had cases of flystrike, but we discovered one today, in one of those that was due off to market this Thursday. So that trip is cancelled, and that income, and before income has come expenditure, in the shape of the necessary medication for pretty much all the sheep, and a delay now before they are clear to shear.
We are at work on our  budget at the moment, determined to get back onto financial solid ground, so not a positive day in that respect.
This also meant that Neil had to come home from a decorating job, so triple whammy - income lost on two fronts and expenditure off the scale.
Tomorrow, I am back at work, and Neil and Boo are off to catch up on the decorating job, while H revises for a day. She has had less opportunity to do so than Boo, and spent today toting round with me, sorting out chemicals, doing routine chores, and ultimately scything areas of nettles in the goat pasture.
After a turbulent day of accusations and tantrums and general discord, I m feeling out of sorts, and need to get everything sorted out.
We have one focus, to get ourselves out of debt and on to some kind of financial freedom. To do that, we need to develop the main business, which is painting and decorating, and the secondary business, which is the farm, and the meanwhile, I need to do my part time job. Walk in the park, huh?

Sometimes, it feels too hard. And sometimes, the bantams lift your spirits and it all feels OK.

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