The world changed for a lot of us in the small hours of Friday morning.
I have seen and heard since then such bile and hatred as I thought never to witness in our gentle, polite country.
But regardless of how we voted, regardless of the rights and wrongs, now is our time.
Those of us who for years, for no reason we could discern, have been frugal, backyard, part time farmers were put here - like Queen Esther - for such a time as this.
Fellow Frugals. Part Time Farmers, Growers, Steaders, Make do and Menders - the time is now.

Straighten your wellies and square your shoulders.

Come on, Britain. Follow us!


Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Well said!

mel said...

between the referendum results and the looming bollocks of Donald Trump and the US presidential race, i really do believe this is one of those really significant turning points where we get to take back the "power of the people". the blind materialism and acquisitiveness that's ruled the last few decades has reached critical mass and is about to implode. things need to change. like it or not.

*have pulled on wellies. have spade, will travel.*


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