Still here

Silence has prevailed while I have battled my time management demons.

For the first time in weeks I really took myself to task today and made myself come to terms with the facts.

Despite our increased income, we're STILL battling the month/money disconnect. We're STILL struggling to pay back debt and stay afloat.

The house had descended into the pit and we had become distracted by all manor of red herrings.

In just under two weeks time, we're due to go off on holiday and goodness alone knows how we'll do that, to be honest. But do it we must as we're now committed, but when we get back, oh boy we have to change what's going on around here.

Less than two weeks after we get back, H will be off to uni, so we will be a 'man' down.

My job becomes more and more involved, requires a certain amount of travel, and leaves me a bit pooped at the end of the day. I need to change how I cook, how I menu plan, how we do laundry, how we do housework. Lots of stuff has to change.

Looking forward to winter, we have a fair bit of prep to do. We want to cut back on livestock even more, and make what we do have more productive.

Today I've succeeded in cleaning a lot of the house, making a half decent Sunday lunch out of nothing but bits from the freezer and left overs, actually doing some sewing, and doing some bits of 'work' work.

I do need to come back here more often to record how I'm getting on both in reorganising and in my efforts in extreme frugality.

Sigh. Back to Work


mel said...

hang in there -- i found it a HUGE adjustment taking on more work hours. somehow it meant everything household-y went off the rails [still is, if i'm to be honest!].

i also had to trim back the whole 'homestead' plan/dream to a realistically manageable level....there's only so many hours in the day and energy in the old streamlining all that should ease your load :) xo

Jackie said...

do you know Mel I feel genuinely better knowing you are shadowing me somewhere on the other side of the ocean. I wish I heard more about you. Still not blogging? Or did I miss a stealth return? :)

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