Summer draws to a close

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August Bank Holiday weekend is one of my favourites. This is because I love autumn, and I adore Christmas, and now I can start thinking about both.
After ten glorious days off work, I had to try to get back into the groove, so it was Lidl shopping, menu planning, kitchen , and just a bit of time in the garden.
The plan for today was to strip the polytunnel, but we got nowhere near.
We did however clear a space outside the greenhouse for seed trays - newly planted by my own fair hand with seeds for autumn and winter growth both in and out of the tunnel.

For a second inexplicable day, my lovely photos are refusing to fly from my phone to my laptop, I think Mr Google is out of synch!  But what a lovely day, pottering in the sun, planting seeds of hope, and dreaming of winter and Christmas!

Boo had her first driving lesson today, and, chalk and cheese as ever, absolutely loved it and feels she will be ready to take her test in about ten minutes. H is still arranging re take number three. :(

In the evening, after a late family dog walk in the dusk, we made a start on September's budget, paid bills, and tried to get our heads around the complications of the coming week.

I hope you're looking forward to going back to work, if indeed you are! Have  a great week!


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