To reconvene a farm

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So i have got to the point where I seldom see daylight.

We've had a few big 'things' going on at work - and that means I've been in early and leaving late. I haven't done anything in the garden. I've barely kept the house up together. Well, no I haven't.

I'm getting a shed for my birthday. Or at least, I hope I am. Whether I will see it before spring is another thing.

We have a pressing sense that we really need our smallholding to happen. That we need to live with love, joy, simplicity, walking lightly.

Yet here we are. Tied to work. Neck deep in debt for the umpteenth time.

Coming home from having my hair cut this morning, through wild amber autumn in the lanes, distant mist on the downs, I thought, just what could be better than this, than outdoors. I have to get back to it.


mel said...

you will -- get back to it, i mean. there's something of the inevitable in it, when you're so deeply ingrained in the land.

at least, that's what i say to reassure myself when i feel like things are spiraling too far in the wrong direction. and soon enough, the pendulum swings back and things feel *right* again.

i'm rooting for you. xoxo

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