Street Cat

A couple of weeks ago, it was my birthday.

I was thinking about this after my shared ownership rant last night - for my birthday treat I chose to go to see 'A Street Cat Named Bob'. I knew I wanted to see it, from the moment I saw the trailer.

Funnily enough, the other movie I wanted to see  - I, Daniel Blake - also touches on similar issues  but I  made it pretty clear that wasn't birthday treat material. I still haven't seen it, and I still want to, but I'm very aware it will not cheer me up.

If you haven't seen it, (and please do) A Street Cat Named Bob is the true story of the redemption of a homeless heroin addict.

What's that got to do with shared ownership?

Well - it struck me that night - which was a fabulous one, the movie was great, we went and ate Mexican, I had a wonderful time - that we are actually this close to homelessness. Many of us are.

In a moment, we could have been on the road to owning our own home. But. In a moment, we could be homeless. It could happen. It would not take much.

I sometimes loathe being at work. Today was one of those days. The sky sparkled and the cold, brilliant light bounced off my prison walls. The hills mocked me from the window. My heart broke pretty much on the hour. My very soul needs to be outside. However, I mustn't lose my gratitude for the job that keeps the roof over our heads.

It's very, very cold tonight, I am wrapped up in bed, with my knitting, the Tightwad Gazette, Tales from the Green Valley on YouTube, and a mug of Horlicks. I wouldn't like to be out there, alone and afraid.

We really do have to nail this financial thing.


Andrea said...

The Tightwad Gazette? I've not heard anyone mention that for years and years.

Jackie said...

Ha! No it's an oldie but goodie! I snaffled all three of eBay after lending my original to a more successful tightwad than myself - she never gave it back! 😊

mel said...

i had one of those days myself today....and i actually get to be outside for part of my working's just the Having To Be There that occasionally drags me down. But yes....i then counter those thoughts with gratitude for having my that pays little but still pays and doesn't totally break my heart on the hour.

always thinking of you...xoxox

Andrea said...

Having read all three years ago, I recently did the same thing and picked them up on ebay for a song. Now sitting about 6 inches from my left elbow.

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