We, Who Have Compromised?

I wanted to attend a screening of We The Uncivilised - A Life Story, before it was released as a download, but never quite got the opportunity.
We live in social economy black spot. No one believes us until they look at the map of just about any membership organisation and go 'oh there's a big hole, right there'. From beekeepers to WWOOF hosts, goat societies to smallholder co-ops,  calculate the biggest gap between willing participants, and we'll be smack bang in the centre.
Anyway tonight we downloaded and watched the film.
Motivating myself with this as the payoff, I closed out April's budget with a will of iron. Then started May's. I am, in one sense, happy to report that all our corporate and entreprenuerial diligance is making a difference. We will soon be closing the gap.

On another level, how hopelessly sold out and useless do I feel?

If you haven't seen the film (- do -) it's made by a  young couple desperately seeking place, community, sustainability, responsibility ... and they talk to many of our friends and heroes : Sarah Pugh, friend, hero, innovator, people lover, trainer, teacher, inspiration. Mike Feingold, the Royate Hill pixie, such a genius of a man, and so kind. Neil's guiding light, Simon Fairlie ... and above all, they talked to Patrick. Not long before he died, they captured his closing remarks, his legacy, his extraordinary funeral, his wife, Cathy's, poems, I will not lie, there were tears in our sitting room, and they weren't all mine.

On an unbelievably cold day, in February 2002, Patrick came to see our land. He walked it with us, talked to us about it, drew up some plans, and gave us some advice. Thereafter he never failed to support us, love us, have faith in us, and help us. He often gave us things because, he said, 'he believed in what we were doing'.

Tonight, I wailed, 'But we're not now, are we? We've let him down.'

'Not yet, we haven't' Neil replied grimly. I think that's  the man version of my response.

 Patrick Whitefield, 1949 - 2015
Patrick Whitefield 1949 - 2015


mel said...

I have a book recommendation for you -- i thought of you immediately, about three paragraphs in. "A Hovel in the Hills" by Elizabeth West. If you haven't read it, do get your mitts on a copy...what a lovely breath of fresh air it is...the absolute OPPOSITE of the current back-to-the-land treaties. It's funny and irreverent and very real. And, the author and her husband lived it in the 60's-early 70's before it became trendy. They buy and move into semi-derelict cottage in the mountains of north Wales -- with almost no money (they used their savings to buy the house and land for 1650 <-- don't know where the pound symbol is! - and proceed to patch together a living and livelihood for about 14 years.

Anyway -- i think it'll make you smile and remind you that you're doing just fine. It certainly did, me. And i'm not even finished it yet. ;)


mel said...

ps. am going to download the film - thanks for the pointer, it looks brilliant. xo

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