The Atheist Bus Campaign


Why do some Christians get so het up? I mean if they WANT to spend tens of thousands writing on buses, let them get on with it. Will it change anything? No.

OK, I don't have a prize, but I crave your suggestions - if any christian group were daft enough to waste money sticking posters on buses, what would you suggest should be the response?

I mean, if they were right, it would have to be sheer coincidence that they chose now to spend £140,000 on telling people to stop worrying and enjoy their lives. I mean NOW?! Have they even heard the news?

Oh my, but God has a sense of humour.


Dorothy said...

'What if there's a God?'

Jackie said...

I like it, Dorothy.
My suggestion is something like ...
'On the other hand, if there is a God, this recession doesn't matter very much ....'
I'm also playing with finding a short version of 'If I could be bothered to pay for an advert saying Richard Dawkins doesn't exist, and I could afford to pay for it for long enough, one day, I would be demonstrably right.' I guess that could go on a tube...

PlainJane said...

Misery Loves Company. I suppose if you're going to hell, you want to bring as many people with you as possible.

I like your suggestions!

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