Ring in the new

In the bleak midwinter indeed. Freezing fog once again did not lift – the girls rode out in two lots, round in circles on the perimeter of our turn out paddocks! The roads were icy, and visibility too low to go out, the fields too frozen to turn out in, and the ground to hard and rutted to do more than walk with great care. The horses hadn't been out of their stables for three days, so it was a necessity, and we all froze nicely, despite taking a flask of hot tea with us to thaw out between 'lots'.
After a warming soup and toast lunch, our family new year planning session took place – we talked a lot about the garden, our schedule, how we want things to be – I think perhaps we avoided adding the endless proviso of the moment – 'depending on the economic situation' We have a great belief in what we're trying to do here – just sometimes the big picture gets swamped by the detail.
Our goals for 2009 are – to simplify, to be more frugal, everyone to keep up with personal Bible reading, to keep up our family devotion and sharing time, to keep on top of chores daily, and to keep the big picture in view.
For myself, I need to take hold of my creativity, and bring it to bear on life, to create and bring forth those glowing moments of realisation that this is IT! It's really, really not a rehearsal! To cherish and indulge in the seasons, the seasons of the year and the seasons of our life, to give them over to God and watch them turn golden and bejewelled, to grasp everything, to do everything, to stop worrying and preparing and procrastinating. To cherish and celebrate a twelve year old and a nine year old, never for one moment wishing they could be three again, or were older and wiser.

My word for the year is NOW!


joc4jesus said...

Happy New Year Jackie and family. Being mindful of NOW is very important isn't it. After all, Jesus was the great I am. I am too much of a worry wort. I want to be so much more positive and grounded in Christ from now on.
Loving your epistle; looking forward to part 2.

PlainJane said...

Happy New Year my friends! Yes, may 2009 be even better than 2008 - even though I don't hold out any hope for our government, perhaps this maybe the year of the return of our Lord -- wouldn't that put all our plans in the rubbish. lol The mere thought helps me to cherish every moment with my family and enjoy God's very good creation continually.

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