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Joseph Mercola on Swine Flu

Me, I'm just a bit cross with myself, that I'd lost my passion for frugality right before the credit crunch, and my habit of being stocked against an emergency, right before this latest warning.

So today, I started restocking my pantry, my flour and water supplies, and my pet foods and veterinary meds, to a level I would have expected from myself two years ago.

For whatever reason, be it financial problems, illness, family emergency, extreme weather or pandemic, I think it's just plain dim to be equipped for less than one month of comfortable survival - ie you might have to eat pasta rice and beans a LOT but you wouldn't starve.

Keep Paracetemol, Ibuprofen, some electrolytes and anti diarrhoeal meds, Calpol for children, as well as mega vits (especially C and B) and natural remedies such as tea tree, arnica, grapefruit seed extract, and plenty of garlic.

In the end times, there are going to be plagues. But there are also going to be false prophets. And there are also people making a looooooooooooot of money, out of vaccines, and fear.

It looks like these strains of viruses may have come out of our bloodlust - military work. If you study war, what do you expect? Or otherwise, out of our disgusting treatment of animals in factory farming, when God quite clearly left us stewards over His creation.

If the WHO goes to level 6, we'll likely stay home for a while.

But I'm not sure I'd go for vaccine.


joc4jesus said...


PlainJane said...

We don't vaccinate either, and I quite with the vaccinations for our horses too a couple of years ago and I think they are healthier now then ever before.

Hope you all are doing well, you garden looks great. We will be planting soon here - could have done so a couple of weeks ago, but hubby doesn't quite have the garden ready, perhaps this weekend.

Blessings to you and yours!!!

Esther said...

I haven't ever stocked up before... haven't had the room, and don't now... but I do feel like I should do something now... so, what exactly are good things to stock up on, food-wise or sundries?

jenny said...

we always do the same, mainly in winter though, but we always make sure we have milk, flour, potatoes, rice and a well stocked pantry.

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