This time of year.....

is a strange one, for me. We work and work, the days get longer, we work longer, it is not quite dark at 8.30pm, and I am still washing and packing eggs, straining stock, cooling bagels, washing up ... the evening ceases to exist, as there is still laundry to be brought in, slugs to be picked, bantams to be shut up ... eventually it gets kind of weird and obsessive. We start to stare, strangely and mutter to ourselves.
And things can only get worse, for another two months! Then, like chickens, we will feel the steadying ebb of the days, the shortening hours of daylight, and we will begin to pace ourselves. And I will begin to long for autumn mists, log fires, and cosy evenings spent knitting or sewing.
The children, born and brought up in this life, are just the same. Today, they set to and deep littered a stable. Tired, dirty but pleased with themselves, they wiped out a large portion of Easter chocolate,
I asked Boo tonight, would you rather be .. you know.. normal? Watch TV, go shopping?
"No" she said, curled up in bed with her elephant, "I'd be bored"

But not quite so totally, totally exhausted!!!

Would this lot last you two months? Flour delivery from Shipton Mill.

Morning toil in the garden.

I swear I didn't arrange this. Just opened up the house to see that three of my girls had been having a coffee morning!

A right cow's breakfast. Our landlord's cows are on a New Zealand pasture system, they move around the whole time, going onto fresh grass each day, laying waste to it in a matter of hours! They are happy, lovely cows, with a varied herbage and a natural lifestyle. This is the field behind our house, rich with dandelions, waiting for them to move in!

Supper as requested. Homemade spelt bagel, piled with masses of freshly picked purple sprouting, with a perfectly poached egg - in this case, Neil's - a goose egg!

More bagels - they turned out really well - not perfect I admit, still some tinkering with the recipe to be done, but presentable for a first attempt. And about £1 for a dozen, even using super lovely Shipton Mill spelt flour. With cheap flour from Lidls, these could be less than 3p each!


Cottage Smallholder said...

I agree with Boo, I'd much rather not be watching TV and going shopping.

You are so lucky that youv'e chosen a different from 'normal 'way of life and she is happily living it.

Dorothy said...

You have geese too?

Ellen said...

Those bagels look tasty! Could you ship one over to me, or do you think it might lose something (so to speak) in transport?

Just reading your blog makes me happy!

PlainJane said...

Your bagels look lovely Jackie! So much so I had to go to the kitchen and get a half a bagel for myself (except it's the bad-for-you store bought kind). I think you did well on your flour - you inspire me to get my lazy bones up and out in the kitchen and do some baking.

jenny said...

Lovely, I am going to try my spelt tomorow, yum.

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