Ah yes...

Thanks, Dorothy, I knew there was something!

The girls are loving school. Three days in, we are all exhausted from all the accurate time keeping, and H is getting used to mountains of homework which, bizarrely, she quite likes. We'll see how long that lasts! Boo is a fish in water - always social and competitive, she loves the charts, the competition, the PE ... she was always going to love it though!

It feels a right time as if H is finally (an unbelievably, thank you , Lord!) ready for it all, in a way which was unimagineable at 6 - it's taken six long years, and now, I believe, she can cope. Boo probably would have been ready earlier, but not at the just-barely-four they wanted her. She was still a baby, she still needed her mother. That's the sad thing about the system, it insists that one size fits all.

I don't know how long this season in our life will be, or if we will ever home educate again, but two things I do know:

Firstly, this was a necessary thing - it was only after they were at school that I realised how hopelessly dysfunctional our home had become. It will take me at least half a term to get the house into a state where I would not be too ashamed to invite someone in. Hey, maybe this is why we don't have any friends?

Secondly, if ever we do home educate again, it won't be until we move somewhere else. Or, if it becomes critical and we are still here, I will do so in isolation, or with the local home educators. One of the biggest burdens I feel has been lifted from me, is the 'christian' home ed group we used to attend, and the unkindness and bullying of some (chiefly one) members. I know the children also feel the weight has lifted, that they don't have to spend time with such thoroughly nasty children. The two families who were lovely, we are still in touch with, so we can still see them. The others? So long, and thanks for nothing.

By contrast, both children and adults at the little christian school (where I don't feel the need to use inverted commas) seem polite, normal, and friendly.

So our interim report is, so far, so good.


Jan said...

Really glad to hear it's going well. By the way, Catie would love to hear about it from Boo if she has the time to write. :)

Jackie said...

Hi Jan!
I will prompt her into penpal duties forthwith! She's usually pretty good, she has about three penpals she writes to reasonably faithfully!

Ellen said...

How lovely it's all falling into place! Glad to know the girls are doing well and you feel better, too.

Dorothy said...

Oh, I'm so glad that it is working out for you all!

There *IS* a right time for our children to (re-)enter formal education, and we as mums, just know when that right time is. And what a relief it must be for that school to provide a Christian environment.

So sorry that your experience with the Christian HE group was so awful.

jenny said...

Glad all has gone well. Sorry you have had bad treatment. I think none of us have had it easy. This is great and how true of the Lord's provision. God bless, and pray they have a good term!

Cat said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about the retrospective "Hey, we were *not* in good shape..." As you know I do.

Glad the burden is lifted. More and more, I'm coming to believe that the bully mentality is the biggest problem going. Anywhere.

PlainJane said...

Hi Jackie,
Glad to hear everything is going swimmingly for you all. I'm really sorry to hear of all the bullying you had to endure previously, but I love your humor, you make me laugh always.

Just scrolling back, I'm sorry to hear of your loss of Brackin. ((hugs))

Have a lovely day! How is the weather there now? It's cool and rainy here today but expecting a warm winter thanks to El Nino, thankfully (I couldn't take another winter like last year).

Your Long Lost Friend,

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