One Oh One

With a burst of inspiration, we decided to look at multi generational vision. We've had some help from Vision Forum, but in the end, we had to decide we wanted to do this ourselves.
What do we believe God wants of our family? Where do we want our family to be in ten years' time. In twenty? In fifty? Long after I am dead, what do I want for my children, and their children and their children.
Dude, it is the most freeing process.
Because if you can give yourself two hundred years to do it in , anything's possible!
We realised that we ultimately really, really wanted a farm. Planning within this lifetime had left us settling for tenancy, but giving it large with the daughters and the sons of the daughters, we decided we wanted to own those acres.
This country once had the most beautiful farms. I recommend Gordon Beningfield's The English Farm. Mixed farms of immense complexity, the names we give now to biodiversity, edge, sustainability, all unknown to our tweed and cord clad forbears, were real, and beautiful, and rolled endlessly on with our perfect seasons.
We want that. We want to unspecialise, to provide, for ourselves and our village, a brilliant carpet of little fields, a little tractor, and variety of produce,which sustains the soil and the hedgerow, feeds the stock, and picks up the precious thread, sewn through the plough and the hedges, the gold corn and the nut brown forest, the lovat hedge and the dove grey dawn, from a time when Saxon peasants wove stock proof hedges. To now. And beyond.
And with this freedom, came a new idea. (Another one?!) and now, it is safe, and warm, and unborn, in our house, but if it becomes real, it will, for me, crown a year of glory, and I will take it up, and offer it with praise to the One who inspires us day by day, and shout with great joy at the hills.


Jo said...

I love this post so much I could burst. But I won't.

Cat said...

What Jo said!
What a beautiful vision.

jenny said...

Great vision! As the good Book says, without a vision the people perish.

Ellen said...

I feel in my bones that your vision, which you depicted in such lovely language, is from the Lord. And it will prosper.

Dorothy said...

Okay, I didn't understand much of that, but....Good on you! {g}

Rachel L from NZ said...

Hi Jackie,
This is a beautiful post and beautifully written, and I pray that God will bless the work of your hands and any big decisions you have to make, and if it involves immigration to the ends of the earth, I would be so happy. LOL!
You're a gifted writed, you know.
Rachel L

Dorothy said...

Are you going to post about the girls' 1st week at school?

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