I can't see to type cos my eyes are streaming

Yet another cold. Normally, we don't get colds and things. Raw milk, outdoor life and low stress living tend to be your best defence.
But with the girls being at school, and me spending far too much time driving them to and fro, I think my defences are down. I had a foul cold followed by really really foul flu, possibly but not definitely swine, before Christmas, and now here I am again, with a fluorescent nose, and a tissue wedged behind my glasses. So stylish.
We have a few pony placing problems around here, and we went over to our field today to contemplate moving someone - oh my goodness, it's underwater, the whole thing is flooded and spongy. I'm sure it never was this bad when we first were there - but cultivation methods all around us have changed, and we seem to be getting everyone's run off.
It's not great, since now the girls are settled and I am trying to get my head around what to do next, I was planning to reopen the garden down there, and move some goats over, and get my community farm back up and running. But I'm going to be needing the community to be Atlantis at this rate.


Catherine said...

Poor you! Know the feeling exactly! "Enjoying" feeling my sinuses at the moment?! :o( Spring is coming...isn't it? Cx

Ellen said...

We've been sickly here for about a week. Adele is the only one well so far. Coughing and congestion. So sorry to hear you're not well! And the flooded field! Perhaps the huge amount of precip lately is to blame??

Have a cup of tea, dear. Have several. xo

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